How are you with Heights?

Ben Milne of DwollaBen Milne in Sunday’s Des Moines Register (Rodney White/Register)

Taking clients to new “heights”!

Dwolla, a money transfer site that is revolutionizing the industry with their maximum $.25 transfer fees, has become a local favorite here in Des Moines. Leveraging our local media contacts, we approached Karen Mracek, assistant business editor of the Des Moines Register, about doing a story on Dwolla. Admittedly, It didn’t take much for us to convince her that checking out this hot startup at our downtown office would be worthwhile; I just don’t think she knew we’d be pushing height boundaries.

Backing up, Ben Milne, founder and entrepreneurial genius behind Dwolla, loves Des Moines. No I mean HE LOVES DES MOINES. While we’re complaining of the heat (currently indexed at 105°), he’s discussing the warm embrace he’s received from fellow startups and business experts in the area. He’s the kind of guy that wonders why Ashton Kutcher ever left. Thus, we here at Freestyle wanted a photo opportunity that not only reflected Dwolla’s impending success (aka the sky), but also his insane love for this town.  What better way to illustrate that than to do a photo shoot atop our12-story  building?

Granted, I’m somewhat of an adrenalin junkie. Acknowledging the fact that some people aren’t as stupid as me, I thought it polite to ask Ben on his “view” of heights before I drug him up onto the roof of the Midland Building (bad pun, I know).

“How do you feel about heights?” I asked Ben, explaining the idea.

“Absolutely, I’ll do it. Wait, I’m not hanging off the building right?” Luckily, in the end, both Ben and Karen are both just as crazy as us (about heights) and the result was a stellar front page spread highlighting Ben’s dapper silhouette against the skyline of a city that has been the fertile foundation for his company. Special thanks to photographer Rodney White for bravin’ up there too!

Check out Karen’s intense journalism and learn more about Ben and Dwolla here.

But this is all in a day’s work here at Freestyle. We do our best to come up with unique solutions for our clients. Solutions that exceed the typical boundaries and create opportunities for our clients to shine.

We’re just glad no one fell. Phew.

-Jordan Lampe, Senior Account Associate


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