Caleris shines in New York Times

(Stephen Mally for the New York Times)

Ever done a Google search and accidently clicked something you really wish you hadn’t seen? This always seems to happen at the exact moment your supervisor meanders over to your cubicle to ask about the TPS reports, only to reconsider their decision in hiring you.

The Internet can be a scary, scary place, but one of our clients, Caleris, is doing their best to make it a bit more innocuous. Called “content management,” their team clicks through millions of pictures, spanning some of the Internet’s more popular sites, screening images to help surfers live in a shinier, happier place.

With our help, this unique service caught the attention of Brad Stone (@BradStone), prominent reporter for the New York Times, and resulted in a front page spread in the prestigious paper’s business section featuring the fearless champions of wholesomeness, or as Mr. Stone called them, the “guardians against depravity”.

(Stephen Mally for the New York Times)

Of course, this is just one small service Caleris offers. As a leading information technology company that specializes in corporate IT and 24-hour product technical support services, Caleris represents a new shift in the outsourcing industry. Labeled “domestic” or “rural” outsourcing, Caleris continues to keep jobs here in the Heartland and yet, still provide cost-effective options that rival their foreign counterparts.

Also, it should be noted that Caleris, being the compassionate company it is, offers counseling to its employees doing this cyber dirty work.

The New York Times isn’t the only publication interested in what Caleris has been up to. Freestyle has generated an impressive collection of coverage this year for them, most with a little bit lighter tone than mentally jarring imagery.

–Wendy Parish, Account Associate

Jordan Lampe, Senior Account Associate


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