Des Moines and Iowa named a global leader in domestic-based outsourcing

The world is globalized. It seems like everything nowadays, from the cars we drive and the clothes we wear, have touched the four corners of the globe (never got that expression, how can their be corners on a sphere?). While we, as a firm, don’t vocalize our thoughts and opinions on the political and social effects of globalization, we do deal with it on a daily basis for our clients. Enter Caleris.

Stacey Springer discussing Caleris

Stacey Springer, VP of Operations, discussing Caleris with media

You may remember our previous coverage for the Iowa-based rural/domestic outsourcer (the two terms are used interchangeably) in the New York Times, but today the Iowa-based company received the recognition it deserves. See today, CIO, ComputerWorld, NetworkWorld, and IDG News Services, publically declared Des Moines and Iowa as one of the nation’s, neh, the world’s best option for outsourcing. Yup, not India or China, but Iowa.

We want to invite you to not only celebrate the American jobs Caleris is able to keep stateside, but also recognize the spirit, culture and economic stability that our great state provides. So take a look and be proud!

While these results are not rare for Freestyle, we are especially excited to see our efforts pay dividends for our neighbors. Thanks Iowa and great work Caleris!

Jordan Lampe, Account Associate

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