Call for Interns: The “Jay” Edition

Think you can handle the heat?

Think that working in an awesome environment with awesome people doing awesome things is something you’d be interested in? Do you want to learn new tricks and try new tasks in an environment conducive to not only learning, but growing? Step up to the plate, friend.

Freestyle PR is looking for a new superstar intern to fill these shoes for Summer 2011. Should be ready for a rigorous work load, early mornings, late nights, urgent e-mails, getting coffee, making copies, and filing an inordinate amount of paperwork. Just kidding! However, you should be able to take a joke (see: previous sentence), roll with the punches. Must be organized and able to decipher chicken scratch. Have to be ready to throw it down and prove yourself at the ping pong table – sometimes for hours. Must have a passion for learning and an excitement for trying new things.

Anxious to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty? I urge you to apply for an internship with Freestyle PR. They have so much knowledge to share and, atypical to most internships, encourage interns to try new things and pursue their own ideas. Therefore, the ability to run with your crazy notions is imperative. Interning for Freestyle is like actually being a PR professional working in the industry; you don’t feel like the lowly intern brought on for coffee runs and mind-numbing work. You’re a part of the team here, and that’s a rarity. And working Downtown ain’t too bad, either.

Freestyle PR is a small boutique firm overlooking Downtown Des Moines from atop the historic Midland Building. While small, Freestyle is bursting at the seams with heart, soul, and a lotta love for what they do. Not to mention, the enthusiasm to share their knowledge with young professionals anxious to learn.

Care for an insider’s peak at what you’re getting yourself into?

Freestyle PR was – hands down – my favorite professional experience thus far. I learned a lot. I did a lot. And I grew a lot. Most of my time spent at Freestyle consisted of researching – researching clients, researching competition, researching comparable programs. I feel like research is the backbone to anything we approach in PR. It’s imperative to know everything happening in the client’s field to know where the client stands, the direction it should move in, potential situations to react to and be proactive about, etc. When we know what’s going on around the client, we can then determine where the client stacks up against its competitors – what makes the client stand out, what makes it better, what edge the competition has on them, etc. The ability to research clients’ contenders is important to be able to move forward with the most knowledge and how to utilize it from a variety of angles.

Freestyle also taught me the process and intricacies that go into planning an event. Starting at deciding who to invite, how to invite them, potential problems at the venue, and all of the steps in between. Helping with the Dwolla event was the highlight of my internship. I loved talking through the plans, helping think of potential problems and how to avoid them, thinking of cool ways of how to invite people, and especially designing the hard-copy invitation! Getting my toes wet with this event has definitely sparked an interest in pursuing event planning further.

As far as embarking on future internships, Freestyle has prepared me more than any other experience. I have a hunger now to write – press releases, media alerts, bios… You name it, I want to write it. Err, try to write it. I also definitely have a new appreciation for all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into working for clients – the research, the phone calls, the pitching, the analyzing and reanalyzing (see Jordan Lampe). I also feel more comfortable trying new tasks. My fear of messing up is no longer paralyzing – trying new things is the best way to learn! Asking questions is not a sign of weakness, and Freestyle showed me that.

Haven’t lost you yet? Good! Here is a more detailed outline of the internship program at Freestyle.

Freestyle PR Summer 2011 Unpaid Internship


  • Currently a journalism, communication, or related major
  • Resume and previous writing samples (press releases are preferred)
  • Junior or senior in an accredited journalism school (freshmen and sophomores may apply if they’re able to prove you are ahead of the curve)
  • Strong communication skills
  • AP style
  • The cognitive absorbency of a sponge
  • Active in social media
  • Minimum 25 hrs a week with a set schedule – it’s really best if everyone’s on the same page!
  • A personality
  • Able to deal with Jordan (Good luck. Seriously. He’s a handful.)
  • Design experience – while not necessary is definitely a plus

Perks (weird, huh?):

  • On-site gym
  • Parking
  • Ping pong
  • College credit (as supported by your particular educational institution, but they will happily do the paperwork)
  • Clever banter. Or what Jordan thinks is clever banter.
  • Freedom to run with ideas
  • Real-world experience (an invaluable and marketable perk. Saved the best for last.)

-Jourdan “Jay” Fenster, Associate Assistant

PS: Pong-haters need not apply.


About Freestyle PR

Pushing boundaries.
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