#SWDSM PR Services Contest

It’s remarkable how fast a startup can be born these days. From concept to reality, all it may take is a weekend. As someone who has worked for over 80 startups and established tech brands since the late 1990’s, I can appreciate the sacrifices someone can make for a startup. Everyone else might not believe in your idea, but you still hold out hope, and rise above those early challenges from beta version to version 1.0.

Freestyle commends those entrepreneurs who sacrificed the past three days during Des Moines Startup Weekend. Now you have a beta version and are ready to take the next giant step in the very small, infant life of your startup. To help ensure your early stage startup can succeed on the  marketing and communications front, Freestyle PR is graciously going to help one startup it feels can best succeed in the real world by offering pro-bono services. With experience helping startups like Sina.com go from a private firm to a publicly traded business, to local sensation Dwolla that it helped launch nationally, Freestyle has constantly been helping startups achieve success.

If you’re interested in a chance to receive pro-bono services from Freestyle PR, please schedule an interview with agency president, David Splivalo. Startups will go through an interview process as well as submit an application ahead of the meeting. Once an interview is setup, the agency will forward over an application.

Questions regarding this opportunity can be directed towards agency president, David Splivalo, at david@freestylepr.com. Requests to setup an interview can be directed to Alisha Clay at alisha@freestylepr.com. The agency will make a decision no later than April 30th.


About Freestyle PR

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