The One Who Got Away

You know that feeling, that moment in time when you tried to hook up with that girl or guy and nothing you could do or say would make it work? Well, I have to admit that I’ve experienced the same, but from a professional level.  I’ve been very, very fortunate in my PR career to work with most of the top tier press in the U.S., which helped lead to significant media coverage for my clients. Whether it was a feature of my client Jim Stickley in TIME magazine, an Associated Press article on my client Ben Milne of Dwolla, or the Memorial Day feature segment on the NBC Nightly News of hundreds of thousands of WWII Merchant Mariners that never received the GI Bill of Rights when they returned home from the war; I’ve never been able to secure an interview for a client on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Yes, I know that’s not something to be down about, but for me it is. I’ll never have a chance now to see one of my clients on her show. I tried for several years to get my client Jim Stickley on her show; his ability to penetrate banks’ security and expose hundreds of thousands, if not millions of consumers’ identities, was very appealing to the mass media. If I could guess, Jim Stickley has received (including all his Associated Press articles) nearly a 1,000 stories on his very cool social engineering profession. But for the producers at the Oprah Winfrey Show, Jim’s story apparently never caused them to commit to a segment.

For those that know me well, they realize the energy and creativity I put into my clients’ media relations programs – and the results always show. Never in my decade plus career have I not been able to secure a story or segment with a media outlet – until now.  It’s almost worth getting a tattoo with the words, “OWS – I will never forget.” Well, maybe I won’t go that far, but it is tempting! I don’t want to end up like these people.

For those in the PR profession, I encourage you to work for a client that will allow you to talk with almost any media outlet. The experience you’ll gain will be second to none.  And I’m not just talking about securing coverage. The beauty of working with Stickley is the ability to do work you’d never be exposed to, such as  working with attorneys at NBC Universal to hammer out NDA’s, serving as a glorified assistant producer when on location filming a segment, and going to Capitol Hill to work with U.S. legislators to beef up their ID theft bills.

As for Oprah, maybe I’ll have a chance on one of her network shows to place one of my clients.

–David Splivalo, President


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