My Georgetown Decree

My day in Washington D.C. this week, reminded me of the power that communication has over our daily lives. An idea that I thought of two years ago is now being shared amongst certain lawmakers on Capitol Hill, and if my client and I are fortunate enough, that idea could transform the way we all drive in the U.S. As I type this blog from a Georgetown hotel room, what impresses me the most, is that I deal in a world not dictated by the sciences and mathematics that bind most other industries. Technologies like Facebook and Twitter, while cool and hip, are still limited by the very forces that keep our feet on the ground. But in the communication arena we’re not bound by the same rules: 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4 in my business. To me, communication, or Public Relations, is an art form. Even my college degree appreciates the fact that communication is art, hence my B.A.

What I’m driving at here is that, in the coming weeks, Freestyle will be showcasing some of its new “art.” I’ve always been a big believer at being a trendsetter in my industry; testing out new methods and unconventional processes that can help drive results for my clients. It’s time the PR industry transformed itself. To do this, public relations practitioners need to view themselves as artists. One way to make this metamorphosis, is to stop copycatting what every other PR department and agency is doing. Sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, too many of my colleagues, from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, copycat themselves. And then there are the so-called-experts who post blogs and Tweets thinking they’re helping the industry by sharing ideas and processes that instead make more of my colleagues robots rather than artists. If every painting in the museum looked the same would you go visit it? Chances are you wouldn’t. But for whatever reason, people associated with PR keep going back to the same museum.

In July, Freestyle will launch SiliconIowa. While details about this new project are still under wraps, I can say that it will be a trendsetter. While I can’t guarantee it will be a success, I can guarantee that it’s unconventional, refreshing and is sorely needed, not just in Silicon Prairie, but from coast to coast.

In the meantime, as SiliconIowa gets prepped for takeoff, I’ll be working with my counterparts on Capitol Hill to create that piece of art that I hope we will all benefit from.

Keep dreaming and keep creating!




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