My First Week as a Freestyle Intern

Reflecting back on my first week interning here at Freestyle, it is crazy how much I’ve already picked up on the industry, clients, and on the company itself! Completing many tasks that are relevant to PR (not coffee-fetching or pencil-pushing), I already feel like less of an intern and more like one of the team. Though I still have a lot to look forward to learning with this internship, I’ve already keyed into a few important aspects that sets a PR agency up for success.

The first trick-of-the-trade that I’ve picked up on is the power of Google. With many of my assignments dealing with research and looking things up, I honestly cannot imagine what PR would be like without search engines and the Internet. Whether it is to look up the name of a reporter or to find a blog to pitch to, I’ve found myself having a separate Google window always popped up on my computer. Don’t get me started about how attached our industry is to the convenience of Google Docs and Google Calendar.

Another criteria of PR that I quickly picked up on is how the little things count. From a simple task such as typing a client’s name into a search engine to more daunting, time-consuming tasks, there is never a dull moment at the Freestyle office! It’s fun to get the behind-the-scene scoop of all the work that goes into creating a company’s public image. You would never imagine all the small components that go into the big picture. The good thing about this internship is that I can see the value of each task, no matter how small, in the grand scope of Freestyle’s efforts. I’m never wondering if something is merely “busywork.”

The last tidbit that I’ve noted is a motto that PR professionals everywhere should pick up on: “When in doubt, ping-pong!” Though I haven’t gotten a chance to challenge anyone to a quick game, it’s clear that Freestyle offers just the right amount of distractions to clear your head when stuck on a task. Though the only ping-pong skills I have are the ones I’ve gained from playing against my grandpa (and let’s just say he always let me win), I’m excited to see those skills develop along with my writing, pitching, and other PR techniques.

I can’t wait to continue with this internship and anticipate only great things coming from this experience. I hope to get a chance to blog a bit more about my internship periodically, and can’t wait to share (and use) more of the knowledge that I pick up along the way.

– Emily Perry, Account Assistant


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