Is Your Client Linked into the Blogosphere?

In today’s digital age, it’s evident how powerful bloggers can be. Evolving from digital diaries to a new popular medium of news and information, influential bloggers have been known to sway political, religious, and personal beliefs. Though it has taken society a while to gain the trust of the validity behind the blog, PR professionals have figured out that credible bloggers can create a certain type of viral, word of mouth attention that is difficult to generate from traditional media.

Blogs are a great way to reach a client’s niche audience directly. Regardless of the skepticism bloggers have gotten over the years about their credibility, people find themselves turning to blogs time and time again for reviews and opinions of products or services. With posts full of personality, wittiness, and often brutal honesty, certain blogs have won over the respect of the masses through a transparency that is rarely found in newspapers and magazine articles.

Working with multiple startup and technology blogs for our client Tikly, including being recently featured on KillerStartups and, I’ve learned that connecting with bloggers is a great way to get a different angle of your client covered than what is usually found in a magazine or newspaper feature. Without the confines of formal style or page limits, bloggers have the creative leeway to take a unique approach on your client. With the specificity of blogs and their narrow audiences, bloggers do not have the pressure of appealing to everyone, like the mainstream media does. Straying away from the standard reporter questions, bloggers drop the formality and ask questions that appeal directly to a specific demographic. In turn, they can take a simple pitch and turn it into a raving review.

For startups, it is very important to utilize blog space not only for consumer awareness, but to peak the interest of investors as well. Blogs have the advantage of easy accessibility to viewers from all over the world without costing a subscription fee. With multimedia capabilities, blogs are an ideal solution for showcasing a client’s capabilities in multiple formats including video, image slideshows, and podcasts. Providing the depth of a magazine feature with the timeliness of a newspaper article, blogs offer the best of both worlds when it comes to well-rounded media coverage.

– Emily Perry, Account Assistant


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