Built without boundaries.

David Splivalo founded Freestyle Public Relations in June 2006 as a company that took the science of communications and personalized it for a diverse clientele competing in a number of different markets. David felt that if a public relations house could truly do its job, then it would need to be able to deliver the same outstanding results for any industry, no matter how different those particular markets are. After two and a half months in operation, Freestyle was tapped to be the first and only public relations firm for American Formula 1 driver, Scott Speed; a result of being extremely talented in communications, not a particular industry. Speed’s addition to the Freestyle client roster, which at the time included a data security and security compliance firms in the South and Midwest, underscored Splivalo’s goal of being able to offer great results to his clients no matter what industry they compete in. In the three years that have passed since Freestyle opened its first office in the DC Beltway, it has grown into a full-service communications firm that represents a cornucopia of clients in multiple markets. It has broken records in the industry, by being the only firm to secure over 35 NBC TODAY SHOW segments in a two year time span for an enterprise client, and become a true business partner by helping clients drive new business and arrange high-profile meetings on Capitol Hill. At the end of the day, what separates Freestyle from all the other firms are its staff members who really feel they are a part of each client’s internal team and make personal sacrifices to ensure their clients’ PR programs out perform the metrics year after year.

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