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Why they say “Des Moinz”

Ever been on a call with a customer service representative when they butchered the name of Iowa’s capitol? Well, I have, and it sucks. More often than not, people from out-of-state can’t pronounce the name of Des Moines correctly. A … Continue reading

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Des Moines and Iowa named a global leader in domestic-based outsourcing

The world is globalized. It seems like everything nowadays, from the cars we drive and the clothes we wear, have touched the four corners of the globe (never got that expression, how can their be corners on a sphere?). While … Continue reading

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Call for Interns

Winter 2010 internships due Friday, October 29!!! Do you talk good? Have a great sense of humor (and get that last joke)? Organized? Willing to play ping pong for long, extended periods of time? Want to work in downtown Des … Continue reading

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How are you with Heights?

Behind the scenes look at Dwolla’s latest coverage in the Sunday edition of the Des Moines Register Continue reading

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